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We provide, loan, and reclaim technology for our corporate partners.

We enable our business clients to partake in the circular economy through the provision, loaning, and retrieval of technology.

Your Partner in Sustainability

In an age where technology is indispensable, we are committed to making every tech choice count. Our journey revolves around providing, loaning, and reclaiming technology for our corporate partners.


IT & Mobile Recycling

At ASECCA, we specialize in IT and mobile recycling, transforming outdated tech into valuable resources. Our process not only conserves the environment but also unlocks new potential in every device.

Sustainable Products

ASECCA provides sustainable mobile devices, offering a range of refurbished phones that blend quality with eco-friendliness. Each device we repurpose helps save significant CO2e emissions, supporting a greener future.

Joining the circular economy

Empowering Sustainability for a better tomorrow

Reusing 500 devices will save approximately
28,500 kg of CO2e

Our Products & Services

Explore ASECCA’s diverse range of eco-friendly and efficient products and services, tailored to meet your sustainable technology needs.


ASECCA excels in IT equipment recycling, focusing on secure data destruction and reducing e-waste. Our process transforms discarded tech into valuable, reusable materials, supporting sustainability.


We rejuvenate used devices, extending their life and functionality. This method conserves resources, offering cost-efficient tech solutions and upholding our commitment to sustainability.

Sustainable Devices

ASECCA offers sustainable, refurbished devices like Apple and Samsung phones. Each product undergoes thorough testing and refurbishment, providing an eco-friendly, economical tech choice.


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