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IT & Mobile Recycling

At ASECCA, we are dedicated to the responsible and sustainable management of electronic waste. Our commitment to the environment extends to every stage of a device’s lifecycle, particularly in its final phases.

Recycling IT equipment with ASECCA

Recycling IT equipment with ASECCA not only mitigates harmful environmental impacts but also promotes the sustainable reuse of valuable resources, turning potential e-waste into new opportunities for technological advancement. Our process ensures that outdated technology is responsibly handled, contributing to a greener planet while supporting the circular economy.

Eco-Friendly Recycling of Non-Recoverable Devices

In instances where a device cannot be repurposed due to its condition or technological obsolescence, we resort to our environmentally conscious recycling method. We disassemble these devices with precision, ensuring that each part is correctly segregated and recycled. Our approach not only minimizes waste but also ensures that valuable materials are reclaimed and reused responsibly.

How it works

When a new device comes to ASECCA, we begin a meticulous recycling process. Each device undergoes rigorous testing to determine its condition. If deemed reusable, it’s thoroughly wiped using the state-of-the-art Blancco software, ensuring that no digital fingerprint remains.

For devices that are beyond repair, we ensure they meet a responsible end. They are dismantled, with unusable parts being safely smashed. The remnants are then processed and recycled, minimizing waste and ensuring environmental protection at every step. Your trust in our process is paramount, and we prioritize transparency and safety in every action.

Sustainable IT Lifecycle: Our Recycling Journey

Collection and Transportation:

ASECCA begins the recycling process by collecting the IT equipment from your location, ensuring secure and responsible transportation to our processing facility.

Initial Assessment and Sorting:

Each item undergoes a thorough assessment to determine its condition. Functional equipment is earmarked for refurbishment, while non-functional items are sorted for material recovery.

Data Erasure and Refurbishment:

For reusable equipment, ASECCA performs a secure data erasure process using industry-standard software to ensure no digital traces are left. The devices are then refurbished, tested, and prepared for resale or donation.

Material Recovery & recycling:

Non-reusable items are meticulously dismantled and shredded to less than 2mm. Following this, clients receive a detailed report, ensuring transparency and compliance in the recycling process

Revenue and Sustainability

At ASECCA, we blend financial viability with environmental responsibility. By recycling and repurposing IT equipment, we not only extend the life of valuable resources but also create a revenue stream for businesses. This approach underlines our commitment to a sustainable future, where profitability and ecological stewardship go hand in hand.