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Revitalize Technology with ASECCA's Repurposing Solutions

Breathe new life into used devices with Asecca, where we transform yesterday’s technology into tomorrow’s sustainable solutions.

Sustainability Impact

At ASECCA, we breathe new life into used devices. By choosing to repurpose, we significantly extend the lifespan of these devices, reducing the need for new device manufacturing and the associated environmental impacts.

 Each mobile phone repurposed by Asecca results in an approximate CO2e saving of 57kg.

The Process

At ASECCA, we’re committed to repurposing mobile devices with utmost safety and environmental consciousness. Here’s how we do it:

Thorough Scanning

Each device undergoes a meticulous scan to ensure it functions optimally.

Secure Data Wiping

Using Blancco software, the industry leader in data erasure, we securely wipe all data from the devices. This process is foolproof, leaving no digital traces behind.


Post data wiping, the device is rejuvenated and refurbished, making it as good as new for its next user.

Joining the Circular Economy

By choosing to repurpose with us, you're not just getting a device; you're making a conscious decision to be part of the circular economy. This approach is eco-friendly, reducing e-waste and conserving resources.

Together Towards Sustainability

We have created a service that is carbon positive, saving between 50-100kg of CO2e emissions for every asset enrolled. We are proud to contribute towards a sustainable future and are urging all businesses to follow suit. Every single mobile phone managed on our service plan has an equivalent CO2e offset as 2 mature trees. Every minute, every day, every year – forever.


We operate a portal where devices can be managed through their full lifecycle: from initial purchase, where requests can be allocated to billing regions, through to the eventual recycling, which is fully tracked. The portal live tracks all assets that Asecca manage as part of the service along with all new requests. Auditing of any and all information is made easy with CSV. exports of any data required.


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